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Set Up

Set Up Friends & Fables

Friends & Fables is played through Discord, with our dungeon master bot, Franz. You can play in our official server OR add Franz to your own server.

1. Play in our official server

  1. Join our server (opens in a new tab)
  2. Go to #new-game (opens in a new tab) and click "Create new game!"

Create new game

2. Add Franz to your server

  1. Add Franz to your own server (opens in a new tab)

  2. IMPORTANT: Accept all of the permissions! If any of these permissions are missing, Franz will not work properly.


  3. Franz will send a message with a setup button to the channel in the server that is designated for system messages, usually #general (Franz will also DM a link to the server owner). Click this button to set him up. If you don't see this message, you can also run /setup in any channel.

    Setup button

  4. Go to #new-game and click "Create new game!"

    Create new game