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Start Playing

Game Creation

Like any good D&D campaign, you'll need to spend a little time setting up your world & characters. We make it super easy to do that with our game creation flow. It has pre-made worlds & characters to choose from, so you can get started in 30 seconds or less. If you want to spend more time customizing your campaign, you can do that too!

Create new game

  1. Click "Create New Game" in the #new-game channel. This will create a thread in the #games channel for you to play in.
  2. Click the "Create World & Characters Button". This will take you to fables.gg.
  3. Pick or create a world
  4. Pick or create a character. Franz uses your backstory to determine how the campaign starts. You can come back to this sheet at any point to update your stats, alignment, etc.
  5. Click Start Game in the Party Tab. It takes ~10 seconds for the game to start. Franz will tag you in the channel when it's ready! You can go back to Discord.

How To Play