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These are the permissions that Franz needs to operate. If any of these permissions are missing, Franz may not be able to respond correctly. If you removed some of these permissions when adding Franz, you can kick Franz from your server and re-add him to fix it.


Error: Missing Reaction Permissions

In multiplayer games, Franz uses 🟢 and ⏩ reactions as signals to tell him when he should continue. If you receive "Error: Missing Reaction Permissions", this means that Franz does not have the correct permissions to add reactions to messages in your channel. This permission could be missing in two places:

  1. The server admin removed the permission when adding Franz to the server. To fix this, the server admin should kick Franz from the server and re-add him.
  2. The channel permissions were changed after Franz was added to the server. To fix this, the server admin should go into the channel settings and turn on "Add Reactions" for Franz's role.