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The Notebook is a shared resource between you and Franz where you can note down important information about your game.

Franz will automatically create notes for important NPCs, Locations, and Items as you encounter them in your journeys. He will also automatically update these notes as needed when events related to them occur.

You can also create your own custom notes about anything you'd like Franz to know about. However, as mentioned in the memory guide, the amount of context Franz can process in each command is limited, so the most an individual note can be is 1024 characters. This means over time the notes that Franz automatically updates for you will also gradually lose the finer details that occurred earlier in your campaign.

How does Franz use notes?

Franz will reference any note in your Notebook for his replies when that note is mentioned by name in your message or in the last few messages of the game. This will also tend to work if you make a typo or partially mention the note's name, but it's best to mention the full name of the note when you can!

Viewing your Notebook

To view your notebook, simply visit your game at legacy.fables.gg and click on the Notebook tab in the sidebar.

View Notebook

Creating Notes

To create a note, click on the 'Add Note' button and fill in the details. Remember that the Name you set for the note is what Franz will use to determine whether or not it should be referenced for his reply!

Create Note

Locking Notes

Sometimes you don't want Franz to update and overwrite the details you wrote in a note. To prevent him from doing that, click on the lock icon to not allow any Franz updates.

Lock Note

If you'd like Franz to update the Note, click the icon again to unlock it.

Unlock Note

Editing, Disabling, and Deleting Notes


To edit a note, click on the edit icon and then modify any of the fields.

Edit Note

Enable / Disable

If you'd like Franz to no longer reference a note, but you still want to keep it around in your Notebook, disable it by clicking on the active icon.

Disable Note

Click on the icon again to re-activate the note.

Enable Note


If you'd wish to completely delete a note, click on the trash icon.