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How Franz's Memory Works

How Franz's Memory Works

Before we get into memory, the first thing you should understand is that Franz is using a large language model (LLM) (opens in a new tab) under the hood. The way an LLM works is, you give it a bunch of text "context", and it tries to generate more text based on what you gave it. LLMs have limits for how much context you can give them at once. That means Franz has a limited amount of information he can use each time you send a command.

If we gave him all the information in your character sheet, world, and the entire history of your game, we'd break past the context limit. So we've found some creative ways to give him the necessary information when it is needed. For example, when you /talk, Franz doesn't need to know your dexterity. But when you /roll initiative, we'll use it.


One way we extend Franz's memory is by summarizing the game as it goes on. Again, there is a limit here, so eventually the summaries will begin to lose detail. If you want to see what Franz knows about your game, you can use /show-summary to see what he has in his head. If the summary is missing something important, you can edit the summary by going to your game on legacy.fables.gg and going to the game tab.

The Notebook

Another key aspect of memory is the Notebook, a shared resource between you and Franz where you can note down important information about your campaign.

Franz will automatically create notes about NPCs, Locations, and Items as your game progresses and you can create your own notes which Franz will reference as needed. To learn more, read the Notebook guide.