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Combat in Friends & Fables is turn based and begins when you roll for initiative. When you roll for initiative, Franz will generate a combat encounter based on the most recent context and then proceed through the turn order.

Franz will automatically act for NPCs, and then ask what players would like to do when it's their turn. Combat currently only supports being able to attack and to flee from the encounter.

Rolling for Initiative

When Franz asks you to roll for initiative, use the /roll [initiative] command. In single player games, this will automatically start the encounter. In multiplayer games, have all players roll for initiative and then click the "Begin Encounter" button. Franz will then simulate any NPC turns until it's time for a player to act.

Single Player Initiative


When it's your turn to act, use the /roll attack [type] [describe] command to attack an enemy. If you hit the enemy, your damage die will be automatically rolled and reduce the enemy HP by that amount. If you miss, you will do no damage.

Attack Roll

Important: Mention in the description the enemy you'd like to attack by name so that Franz knows who you're attacking!

Attack Hit


If you wish to run away from the encounter, you can /talk To-Franz and tell him you wish to run away. A message will pop up asking you to confirm that you wish to flee or to keep fighting. If you choose to flee, your whole party will run away and the encounter will be finished.

Run Away Prompt

Run Away Success


After you are done with combat, you can take a rest to recover some HP.