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What is a Command?

What is a Command?

A command is an interaction you have with a Discord bot. There are different types of commands:

  • Slash Commands are the most common type of command. You initiatie a slash command by typing /. For example, /roll is a slash command.
  • Button Commands are commands that are triggered by clicking a button. For example, the "Create New Game" button in the #new-game channel is a button command.
  • Prefix Commands are commands that are triggered by typing a prefix. For example, !talk is a prefix command.

Which commands count towards my usage?

We only count commands that make requests to an AI model towards your usage.

Any other commands which do not require a request to an AI model to complete are free. For example, /help, /game-info, and /show-summary. If the command is near instant, it's probably a free command.

!talk or !tacBilled
/quest [End Quest]Billed
/quest [Find Quest]Free
/quest [Quest Off]Free

How do I know how many commands I have used?

Check Usage